Reliable Spyware Removal and Protection from File Sharing Programs

Don’t let the nuisance of spyware become an issue for your computer, instead get it removed with help from the team at Jerrys-Computers. We eliminate both spyware and file sharing programs that are known to slow down your computer’s speed.

Spyware and Virus Removal

Removal of spyware makes up about 75% of all the service calls we receive. You recognize spyware by the numerous pop-up advertisements, having your home page changed without your authorization, and sluggish PC and internet performance.

There are many ways spyware is introduced onto your computer. Some of the common culprits can be avoided to help prevent spyware from infesting your PC, by avoiding certain websites. Many gambling, gaming, and adult websites are known for being sources of spyware. Some lesser known search engine sites install spyware on their users’ PCs as well.

When one of these installations pops-up, don’t click the yes or no buttons, or even hit ‘X’ to close the window, instead hit ALT and F4 on the keyboard at the same time to halt the install.

Computer by Window

Unfamiliar e-mails are another source of possible spyware. The team at Jerrys-Computers recommends you turn off the ‘Preview Pane’ for emails so they aren’t automatically viewed when clicked on. This is done in Outlook™ by finding preview pane or reading pane in the view menu and turning it off. For Outlook Express™ this is done by clicking on view, then layout and unchecking ‘show preview pane’.

Online Spyware Removers
Many of these programs either are spyware themselves or remove other spyware while allowing their own to remain. Be sure to educate all of those on your machines and your network about this risk. Remember, even with the instances of all spyware removed; the computers are still vulnerable to further, new spyware.

File Sharing
These applications allow users to share files, like music, movies, and documents over peer-to-peer networks. Offices sometimes use these file share programs to transfer documents amongst employees. Spyware also use these networks to infect more computers.

Many file sharing programs for windows are sources of spyware. Some of these programs include:

• Ares™
• Bearshare™
• BitTorrent™
• KaZaa™

• Limewire™
• SoulSeek™

Contact us to hire our team for file sharing programs deletion and spyware removal service for your computer.

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