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Whether your computer is slow, or is having trouble starting up, contact Jerrys-Computers to have our technicians take a look. We offer a number of hardware and software diagnostics that help keep your machine running smoothly. Don’t live with unwanted computer programs infesting and eating up precious storage space. Get the protection and removal services you need from Jerrys-Computers. Our team targets and removes spyware and viruses from your PC.

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From hardware diagnostics to spyware removal, Jerrys-Computers offers a variety of computer services that helps keep your PC functioning smoothly. Our computer repair business works with all types and brands of computers and programs.

With more than 25 years of experience in Clermont, FL and Leesburg, FL, Jerrys-Computers is an onsite computer company. We do remote management, repairs, and upgrades. Our team comes to you and provides you with a unique, personalized onsite service. This friendly service sets us apart from other similar companies.

Mission Statement:
Jerry's Computers is in the business of providing and supporting computer repairs, installations, upgrades, networking, and related services. Our mission is to provide products and services that consistently exceed our customers' expectations, allowing us to prosper as a business

Focused on helping small businesses and individuals tackle computer-related problems, we offer a complete solution to our customers, giving them one place to call upon when they need any technology-related help.

We believe in total customer satisfaction. Customers are the focus of everything we do. Going out of our way to satisfy the customer and to listen, with concern, to the needs of our clients.  To represent our clients' best interest. That is what Jerrys-Computers is all about. 

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Contact our computer repair business, and hire our computer service team in Clermont, FL and Leesburg, FL
for all your software and hardware repair needs.

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